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Manual concrete removal with the hand lance

The advantage of concrete removal with the hand lance lies in the high degree of flexibility.
The hand lance can be applied in nearly every location. The variations in pump performance from 125-180 kW, 23-40l/min. and 1.200-2.500 bar enable light to heavy concrete removal works.

The hand lance is applied successfully for precision removal on a minimal scale, on to surface and in-depth removal.
Entire slabs of concrete are dismantled absolutely vibration-free and without producing structure-borne sound, completely preserving the steel reinforcement. Even in the case of considerable fluctuations in the substance, like for instance in the concrete quality, the degree of damage, or the density of reinforcement, we achieve flawless results with the hand lance.
For large-scale robotic removal, the hand lance is applied supplementarily for finishing edges, rims, and corners.

With the hand lance, the blasting pressure can be individually adjusted to achieve the desired blasting result when processing the concrete.
High pressure-
water jets

400 - 3000 bar
(5,000 to 35,000 psi)

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