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Mechanical concrete removal using a robot

The advantages of mechanical concrete removal clearly lie in the safe and economical implementation of maximum pump capacities.

For performance categories of 330-480 kW, 130-250l/min. and 1.200-2.000 bar, we exclusively use mechanically driven nozzles, whereby the robots safely absorb the reaction force. The nozzle movement, which is adjusted to achieve a specific blasting result, is precisely realised at every speed.

Our robotic specialists pre-programme the settings for the individual hydrodemolition parameters, including operating pressure, traversal speed, type of motion, and nozzle tool.

The robot then automatically processes the predetermined areas. The removal area processed by the robot is provided with a protective device that deposits the debris in a restricted area, therefore considerably limiting efforts required for covering measures. The robot's radius of action covers 360°. In principle, our robots hydrodemolish on the ground, the walls, and from the ceiling area in heights of up to 6 metres. The range can be extended by attaching auxiliary devices.

The implementation of these removal robots considerably shortens execution time for complex projects. Expenses relevant to traffic restrictions for road works and bridgeworks, shutdown periods for car park refurbishment, and downtimes in production are minimised.
High pressure-
water jets

400 - 3000 bar
(5,000 to 35,000 psi)

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