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What is High Pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting?

High pressure water jetting can be categorised in three main sectors: The hand lance-driven spray jets, the use of flexible or rotating tools for container and pipe cleaning, and the mechanical UHP blasting with demolition equipment.

It is possible to perform all works from cleaning, stripping of coatings, demolition of chloride leaching, subsurface preparation, to concrete removal by the use of different nozzle tools.

UHP cleaning enables residue-free elimination of coatings, encrustations, and soiling. Oil carbon and resins are removed completely without the use of chemical additives or abrasives. Water jet blasted surfaces delay the build-up of new deposits, therefore lengthening cleaning intervals.

Additives are not necessary even for sub-surface preparation and for the removal of rubber coatings. Debris and dust are contained in water and can be thus drained or collected in a controlled manner.

For mechanically driven UHP blasting, we use pump performances of up to 480 kW, 250 l/min. and up to 2500 bar operating pressure. The counterforce is thereby safely absorbed by the removal equipment. The various blasting parameters, e.g. operating pressure, traversal speed, type of motion, and nozzle shape are calculated to achieve the desired blasting result and the machines are programmed accordingly. The surface capacity or removal capacity is thereby significantly increased.
High pressure-
water jets

400 - 3000 bar
(5,000 to 35,000 psi)

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