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Industrial cleaning

Heavy soiling often occurs during production processes, which requires cleaning in regular intervals or during operating downtimes. Production residues like dirt, calcareous deposits, and corrosion accumulate in pipelines, production lines, containers, boilers, and heat exchangers. Not easily dissoluble incrustations and caking often occur as a result of chemical processes and thermal influences.

With high pressure water jetting there is no usage of additives or solvents. The special tool used transports the water at such high pressure, that the equipment is cleaned uniformly and residue-free. The drained water can be collected for purification and disposal, as required.

The advantage of UHP is due to the high degree of quality of the residue-free cleaning, which results in longer cleaning intervals and reduces production downtimes.

High pressure-
water jets

400 - 3000 bar
(5,000 to 35,000 psi)

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