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Special projects

UHP is a relatively new technique that has rapidly advanced in recent years. We owe this positive development not only to the many requests for special projects, which have required individual solutions and tailored engineering. Yesterday's special projects, however, have become today's standards. Under special projects we not only handle new developments, but also projects and equipment that are rarely used and are associated with specific technical requirements.

Processing concrete under water can, for instance, be conducted with the same results as above water processing with the use of special equipment.

For cleaning gas pipes, distribution heating pipes, and water pipes, specially adapted nozzles are implemented. Pipe lengths of 200 metres and more can be processed in one piece.

Particular protective measures are necessary for the clearance of harmful substances. Our staff is specialised therein and possess the necessary qualifications.
High pressure-
water jets

400 - 3000 bar
(5,000 to 35,000 psi)

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